Welcome to the official website of the 2nd International Scientific Conference of Al-Ayen University (ISCAU) 15th – 16th July 2020.

Every year, Al-Ayen University, Iraq, is holding the international scientific conference of Al-Ayen University. This conference was established to provide an ideal platform for researchers to share views and experiences in general science related areas.

Over a period of two days, 15th – 16th July 2020 at ZOOM meeting.

Conference Highlights

The conference will include the following Scopes:-
             Pure Science   
• Physics Science
• Biology Science
• Chemistry Science
• Computer Science
• Material Science
 Other fields Related with above Scopes
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Petroleum Engineering
• Other fields Related with above Scopes
  • Accepted research abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the Conference.
  • The participation will be either by submitting a paper or a poster.
  • the languge used in the conference is english.
  • The accepted papers in the conference will be published in a scientific journal and within the SCOPUS index.


The Second International Scientific Conference Of Al-Ayen University